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 * Scene.h
 * Copyright (C) 1999 Stephen F. White
 * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
 * it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
 * the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
 * (at your option) any later version.
 * This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
 * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
 * GNU General Public License for more details.
 * You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
 * along with this program (see the file "COPYING" for details); if 
 * not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc., 675 Mass Ave, 
 * Cambridge, MA 02139, USA.

#ifndef _SCENE_H
#define _SCENE_H

#ifndef _STDIO_H
#include <stdio.h>

#ifndef _ARRAY_H
#include "Array.h"

#ifndef _MAP_H
#include "Map.h"

#ifndef _STACK_H
#include "Stack.h"

#include "CommandList.h"

#ifndef _NODE_LIST_H
#include "NodeList.h"

#ifndef _DUNE_STRING_H
#include "MyString.h"

#ifndef _URL_H
#include "URL.h"

#ifndef _PROTO_H
#include "Proto.h"

#ifndef _DUNE_APP_H
#include "DuneApp.h"

#include "TransformMode.h"

#define MAX_PATH_LEN 1024

class FieldValue;
class Node;
class Path;
class FontInfo;
class NodeViewpoint;
class SFVec3f;
class SceneView;
class Hint;
class NodeInline;

typedef Stack<Command *>      CommandStack;

typedef Map<MyString, Node *> NodeMap;
typedef Map<MyString, int>    StringMap;
typedef Map<MyString, Proto *>      ProtoMap;

class Interpolator;

class Scene {
    void          def(const char *nodeName, Node *value);
    Node           *use(const char *nodeName);
    void          undef(MyString nodeName);

    int                 addSymbol(MyString s);
    const MyString     &getSymbol(int id) const;

    void          setRoot(Node *root)     { _root = root; }
    Node           *getRoot() const       { return _root; }
    int                         getRootIndex() const  { return _rootIndex; }

    void          setNodes(NodeList *nodes);
    const NodeList     *getNodes() const        { return &_nodes; }
    void                addNodes(Node *target, NodeList *nodes);

    void          scanForInlines(NodeList *nodes);
    void          readInline(NodeInline *node);

    const char         *parse(FILE *f, bool protoLibrary, Node *target = NULL);
    Node           *createNode(const char *nodeType);
    int                 write(int filedes, const char *url, bool tempSave,
                              bool pureVRML97=false);

    void          addProto(MyString name, Proto *value);
    Proto          *getProto(MyString name);

    static bool         validRoute(Node *src, int eventOut, Node *dst, int eventIn);
    bool          addRoute(Node *src, int eventOut, Node *dest, int eventIn);
    void          deleteRoute(Node *src, int eventOut, Node *dest, int eventIn);

    void          execute(Command *cmd);

    void          add(Command *change);

    void          undo();
    void          redo();

    int                 canUndo() { return !_undoStack.empty(); }
    int                 canRedo() { return !_redoStack.empty(); }

    int                 getUndoStackTop() { return _undoStack.getTop(); }

    void                startMultipleUndo();
    void                optimizeMultipleUndo();

    void          errorf(const char *fmt, ...);

    void          invalidNode(const char *nodeName);
    void          invalidField(const char *node, const char *field);

    void          backupField(Node *node, int field);
    void                backupFieldsStart(void);
    void          backupFieldsAppend(Node *node, int field);
    void          backupFieldsDone(void);
    void          setField(Node *node, int field, FieldValue *value);
    Interpolator       *findUpstreamInterpolator(Node *node, int field) const;

    void          drawScene(bool pick = false, int x = 0, int y = 0);
    Path           *pick(int x, int y);
    Path           *searchTransform(void);
    void          drawHandles();
    void          drawHandlesRec(Node *node) const;

    void          setSelectedHandle(int handle)
                  { _selectedHandle = handle; }
    int                 getSelectedHandle() const
                  { return _selectedHandle; }
    void          setOldSelectedHandle(int handle)
                  { _oldSelectedHandle = handle; }
    int                 getOldSelectedHandle() const
                  { return _oldSelectedHandle; }

    void          setTransformMode(TMode tm)
                  { _transformMode->tmode = tm; }
    void          setTransformMode(TDimension td)
                  { _transformMode->tdimension = td; }
    void          setTransformMode(T2axes t2)
                  { _transformMode->t2axes = t2; }
    TransformMode      *getTransformMode()
                  { return _transformMode; }

    void          transform(const Path *path);
    void          projectPoint(float x, float y, float z,
                             float *wx, float *wy, float *wz);
    void          unProjectPoint(float wx, float wy, float wz,
                             float *x, float *y, float *z);
    int                 allocateLight();
    int                 freeLight();
    int                 getNumLights() { return _numLights; }

    void          enableHeadlight();
    Path           *processHits(unsigned hits, GLuint *pickBuffer);

    void          addViewpoint(Node *viewpoint);
    void          addFog(Node *fog);
    void          addBackground(Node *background);
    void          addTimeSensor(Node *timeSensor);

    void          setHeadlight(int headlight)
                  { _headlight = headlight; }

    void          moveCamera(float dx, float dy, float dz);
    void          turnCamera(float x, float y, float z, float ang);
    void          orbitCamera(float dtheta, float dphi);

    NodeViewpoint      *getCamera() const;

    void          applyCamera(void);

    void          addNode(Node *node);
    void          removeNode(Node *node);
    MyString            getUniqueNodeName(Node *node);
    MyString            generateUniqueNodeName(Node *node);

    const Path           *getSelection() const { return _selection; }
    void          setSelection(const Path *selection);
    void          setSelection(Node *node);

    Path           *newPath(Node *node);

    void          setURL(const char *url) { _URL = url; }
    const char           *getURL() const { return _URL; }
    const char           *getNewURL() const { return _newURL; }
    bool          isTempSave() const { return _tempSave; }

    void          setPath(const char *path) { _path = path; }
    const char           *getPath() const { return _path; }

    void                setPathAllURL(const char *path);

    bool                isPureVRML97() { return _pureVRML97; }

    bool          isModified() const;
    bool          isRunning() const { return _running; }
    bool          isRecording() const { return _recording; }
    void          setRecording(bool recording) { _recording = recording; }

    void          start();
    void          stop();
    void          updateTime();

    void          OnFieldChange(Node *node, int field, int index = -1);
    void          OnAddNode(Node *node, Node *dest, int field);
    void          OnRemoveNode(Node *node, Node *src, int field);

    void          AddView(SceneView *view);
    void          RemoveView(SceneView *view);
    void          UpdateViews(SceneView *sender, int type,
                            Hint *hint = NULL);

    void          DeleteSelected();
    void          DeleteSelectedAppend(CommandList* list);

    int                 OnDragOver(Node *src, Node *srcParent, int srcField, 
                           Node *dest, int destField, int modifiers);
    int                 OnDrop(Node *src, Node *srcParent, int srcField, 
                         Node *dest, int destField, int effect);

    bool          Download(const URL &url, MyString *path);
    FontInfo           *LoadGLFont(const char *fontName, const char *style);
    int                 getNumProtoNames(void) { return _numProtoNames; }
    bool                addProtoName(MyString name);
    MyString            getProtoName(int i) { return _protoNames[i]; }
    void          addProtoDefinition(void);
    void                addToProtoDefinition(char* string);
    void          addRouteString(MyString string);
    int                 writeRouteStrings(int f);
    int                 writeExternProto(int f, char* protoName);

    void                setHasFocus(void)    {_hasFocus=true;}
    void                deleteHasFocus(void) {_hasFocus=false;}
    bool                getHasFocus(void)    
                           if (TheApp->dontCareFocus())
                               return true;
                               return _hasFocus;
    void                setNavigationMode(bool flag) {_navigationMode=flag;}
    bool                getNavigationMode() {return _navigationMode;}

    void                setViewOfLastSelection(SceneView* view);
    SceneView            *getViewOfLastSelection(void);
    void            deleteLastSelection(void);
    void          DeleteLastSelection(void);

    bool          hasAlreadyName(MyString name);
    void          updateURLs(Node* node);

    void          saveProtoStatus(void);
    void          restoreProtoStatus(void);

    void          setErrorLineNumber(int lineno) 
                              { _errorLineNumber = lineno ;}
    int           getErrorLineNumber(void) { return _errorLineNumber; }

     * a extra modifiedflag is needed to signal possible changes 
     * (e.g. from the file -> Textedit menupoint)
    void          setExtraModifiedFlag(void) { _extraModifiedFlag=true; }
    StringArray        *getAllNodeNames(void);
    void                draw3dCursor(int x, int y);
    void                use3dCursor(bool flag) { _use3dCursor = flag; }
    bool                use3dCursor(void);
    bool                setProtoPrefix(char* protoPrefix);
    char               *getProtoPrefix(void) { return _protoPrefix; }
    MyString              getNodeWithPrefix(const MyString &nodeType);
    bool                hasExternProtoWarning(void) 
                           { return _externProtoWarning; }
    void                setExternProtoWarning(bool flag) 
                           { _externProtoWarning = flag; }
    Node               *convertConeToNurbs(Node* cone);                 
    bool                getXSymetricNurbsMode() 
                           { return TheApp->GetXSymetricMode(); }
    bool                isParsing(void) { return _isParsing; }
    int                 getNumberBuildinProtos(void) 
                           { return _numberBuildinProtos; }

    NodeMap       _nodeMap;
    Node           *_root;
    int                     _rootIndex;
    StringMap           _symbols;
    Array<MyString>     _symbolList;
    Array<MyString>     _protoNames;
    int                 _numProtoNames;
    int           _statusNumProtoNames;
    Array<MyString>     _protoDefinitions;
    int                 _numProtoDefinitions;
    int           _statusNumProtoDefinitions;
    ProtoMap            _protos;

    CommandStack  _undoStack;
    CommandStack  _redoStack;

    int                 _multipleUndoTop;
    CommandList        *_backupCommandList;
    int                 _numLights;
    NodeList            _viewpoints;
    NodeList            _fogs;
    NodeList            _backgrounds;
    NodeList            _timeSensors;
    Stack<Node *> _fogStack;
    int                 _headlight;

    NodeList            _nodes;

    const Path           *_selection;
    int                 _selectedHandle;
    int                 _oldSelectedHandle;
    TransformMode      *_transformMode;

    MyString            _URL;
    MyString            _newURL;
    bool          _tempSave;

    int                   _numSymbols;

    bool          _running;
    bool          _recording;

    Command        *_unmodified;
    bool          _extraModifiedFlag;
    bool                _pureVRML97;

    NodeViewpoint      *_defaultViewpoint;
    NodeViewpoint      *_currentViewpoint;

    List<SceneView *>   _views;

    MyString            _compileErrors;
    Array<FontInfo *>   _fonts;

    MyString            _path;

    List<MyString>      _routeList;

    /* when picking several objects which one click, which one is selected ? */
    int                 _selectlevel;

    /* current scene is in mouse focus ? */
    bool                _hasFocus;

    bool          _navigationMode;

    SceneView            *_viewOfLastSelection;
    bool                _selection_is_in_scene;

    GLUquadricObj      *_obj3dCursor;
    bool                _use3dCursor;
    int           _errorLineNumber;

    Array<char *>       _nodesWithExternProto;
    char               *_protoPrefix;
    bool                _externProtoWarning;
    bool                _isParsing;
    int                 _numberBuildinProtos;

enum {
    UPDATE_ALL = 0,

class Hint {

class FieldUpdate : public Hint {
                    FieldUpdate(Node *n, int f, int i = -1)
                    { node = n; field = f; index = i; }

    Node           *node;
    int             field;
    int             index;

class NodeUpdate : public Hint {
                    NodeUpdate(Node *n, Node *p, int f)
                    { node = n; parent = p, field = f; }

    Node           *node;
    Node           *parent;
    int             field;

class RouteUpdate : public Hint {
                    RouteUpdate(Node *s, int out, Node *d, int in)
                    { src = s; eventOut = out; dest = d; eventIn = in; }

    Node           *src;
    Node           *dest;
    int             eventOut;
    int             eventIn;

void BackupRoutesRec(Node *node, CommandList *list);
#endif // _SCENE_H

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