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Aflock Class Reference

#include <Aflock.h>

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Detailed Description


Definition at line 122 of file Aflock.h.

Public Member Functions

 Aflock (const char *const port="/dev/ttyd2", const int &baud=38400, const int &sync=0, const int &block=0, const int &numBrds=3, const int &transmit=1, const BIRD_HEMI &hemi=RIGHT_HEM, const BIRD_FILT &filt=FILTER_DEFAULT, const bool &sudden_lock=true, const char &report= 'R', const char *const calfile="")
 POST: configures internal data members,.
bool deliverData (int birdaddr)
void destroyDirt ()
const int & getBaudRate () const
const int & getBlocking () const
const BIRD_FILT & getFilterType () const
const BIRD_HEMI & getHemisphere () const
int getNumberDevices (void) const
const int & getNumBirds () const
const char * getPort () const
const char & getReportRate () const
const bool & getSuddenOutputChangeLock () const
const int & getSync () const
const int & getTransmitter () const
void initCorrectionTable (const char *const )
const bool & isActive () const
void positionCorrect (float &x, float &y, float &z)
int prepareSample ()
int sample ()
void setBaudRate (const int &baud)
void setBlocking (const int &blVal)
void setFilterType (const BIRD_FILT &f)
void setHemisphere (const BIRD_HEMI &h)
void setMasterUseReceiver (void)
void setNumBirds (const int &n)
void setPort (const char *const serialPort)
void setReportRate (const char &rRate)
void setSuddenOutputChangeLock (const bool &b)
void setSync (const int &sync)
void setTransmitter (const int &Transmit)
int start ()
int stop ()
float & xPos (const int &i)
float & xRot (const int &i)
float & yPos (const int &i)
float & yRot (const int &i)
float & zPos (const int &i)
float & zRot (const int &i)

Private Member Functions

int open_port (const char *const serialPort, const int &baud, int &port_id)
void pickBird (const int &sensor, const int &port_id)
float rawToFloat (float factor, unsigned char &r1, unsigned char &r2)
float rawToQuat (unsigned char &r1, unsigned char &r2)
void set_autoconfig (const int &port)
void set_blocking (const int &port, const int &blocking)
void set_filter (const int &port, const BIRD_FILT &filter)
void set_group (const int &port)
void set_hemisphere (const int &port, const BIRD_HEMI &hem, const int &transmitter)
void set_pos_angles (const int &port, const int &transmitter)
void set_pos_quat (const int &port, const int &transmitter)
void set_rep_and_stream (const int &port, const char &repRate)
void set_sudden_output_change_lock (const int &port, bool lock)
void set_sync (const int &port, const int &sync)
void set_transmitter (const int &port, const int &transmitter)

Private Attributes

bool _active
int _baud
int _blocking
char _calibrationFileName [256]
BIRD_FILT _filter
unsigned char * _groupbuffer
int _grouplength
BIRD_HEMI _hemisphere
bool _masterUseReceiver
int _numBirds
float _orientation [MAX_SENSORS][3]
char _port [256]
int _portId
float _position [MAX_SENSORS][3]
char _reportRate
bool _samplePrepared
bool _sudden_output_change_lock
int _syncStyle
bool _usingCorrectionTable
int _xmitterUnitNumber
CalStruct caltable

Static Private Attributes

static const int MAXCHARSTRINGSIZE
static const int mSleepFactor

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